Paumanauke Native American Festival Inc.

Dedicated To Encourage and Assist Native Americans To CompleteTheir Educations

New Member Application


Membership dues, At this time we do not require any membership dues, however we request that you attend as many meetings as possible and be available for a minimum of two days for our annual Pow Wow and donate as much time as possible in between events.

All New Memberships must be approved by the Board of Directors, once approved you are here by on probation for 1 year and are required to attend a minimum of 9 meetings and provide assistance for two full days at our Annual Pow Wow.

Any inappropriate Behavior, Miss Conduct, Falsifying of information, Steeling or cause of conflict that brings Negative Influences upon or at any part/person of the Paumanauke Native American Festival Inc. It's Member/s, Director/s, person/s, or other tribe/s or group/s WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and Will Result in termination of your membership effective immediately. Yes this is harsh but Paumanauke Native American Festival Inc. has a reputation to uphold.

Once probation is over, you are still held to obey the rules set forth by the above along with the rules governed by Paumanauke Native American Festival Inc. Bylaws. If accused of any violation of set rules and bylaws you will have a chance to defend your actions with the borad of Directors in a private meeting. The board will than meet privately to discuss action to be taken, either probation for set period of time or Termination of your membership.

Thank You
Tony Moon Hawk Langhorn
President & Chairman


This is our ONLINE version of our New Member Application. By checking the box below and typing your name you are digitaly signing & confirming you have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this contract and understand that this contract is not valid in till it has been approved by Paumanauke Native American Festival Inc.

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