Dedicated to Encourage and Assist Native American Indians To Complete Their Educations.
The Paumanauke Native American Festival Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to encourage and assist Native American Indians to complete their educations and the preservation of Native American Cultural heritage on Long Island.
This Organization functions in cooperation with Long Islands west end townships.
The Activities of the Paumanauke Pow Wow shall include, but not be limited to the following:
1. Sponsors an annual two day event providing a cultural exchange of dance, art, craft, food and speakers explaining how these things play a part in the Native American way of life.
2. Provides for Native American people by establishing a showcase for their artisans, dancers and speakers who take pride in the traditions of the "First Americans".
3. Establishes a yearly educational scholarship fund for tribally enrolled Native American Youths.
4. Provides aid to at least three groups of singers at "The Drum" who have been invited to participate.
5. Provides aid in the form of prize money for first, second and third place dancers in seven categories. Competition is "OPEN TO ALL" who register, Native and Non-Native.
6. Provides aid to special guests performing or speaking who have been invited to do so.
7. Provides aid in the form of prize money for first, second and third place Tee Pee owners in two categories. Open registration.
8. Encourages dancers through recognition by presenting ribbons for prize winners.
9. Sponsors special Native American Guest Artists in the fine arts category who are invited to perform and display.
10. Hosts local and national craftspeople, food vendors and organizations providing the public with points of interest, conveniences and purchases.
11. Serves to inform the public.
12. Promotes tourism and trade on Long Island's west end.
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