Dedicated to Encourage and Assist Native American Indians To Complete Their Educations.
All contestants must be in each grand entry.

All contests are gender specific.

All dancers must be in full regalia and in their proper category at the time of Grand Entry.
Dancers will receive fifteen (15) points for participation in Grand Entry. At the discretion of the Arena Director, dancers will lose points if they are not in their proper category at the time of Grand Entry. Any dancer leaving the arena during Grand Entry (flag song, prayer, veteran's song and or victory song), will forfeit their Grand entry points.

All dancers' numbers cards MUST BE worn on the LEFT SIDE and VISIBLE to the Head Judge and her/his number takers.

Absolutely NO BALL CAPS will be allowed with regalia during Grand Entry. Anyone caught wearing a ball cap will forfeit their Grand Entry points.


Any questions / problems that should arise regarding the dance contests that cannot be solved through the Head Judge will be directed to the Powwow Committee Chairman. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE POWWOW COMMITTEE ARE FINAL!

Dance competitions will no longer be held to a set schedule. Due to inclement weather possibilities, it is difficult to adhere to a set schedule. Dance competitions and exhibition dancing in all categories will be called in random order for each session. The MC will make these announcements prior to the competitions and exhibitions, so be alert throughout the day to listen for these announcements.

A new dance category will be added this year. The GOLDEN AGE category is open to those who are of 60 years and over. An honorarium Ribbon will be given for each participant. Those who register for the Golden Age dance category WILL NOT be eligible to enter in any other dance category.
This category will be a TRADITIONAL DANCE ONLY.
CAMPING AREA AVAILABLE Picnic Tables & Food Vendors
Grand Entry                                        25pts 
Participation in all events                           25pts 
Outfits  First                   15pts 
  Second               10pts 
  Third                    5pts
Dance First                   15pts
Second               10pts
Third                     5pts


Competition by Points System
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*********REVISED RULE FOR 2013*********
Dance Competition is Open To NATIVE AMERICANS & NON-NATIVES
 Due to conflicts of Interest that was Presented, Paumanauke Native American Festival Inc. and its Committee have Decided to Keep the Competition " OPEN TO ALL" As our Commitment in Assisting Native Americans With their Educations and The Teaching of Native American Culture. We feel what Better way to teach the culture than through Dance.

Any Mis-Conduct towards any other Contestant WILL NOT be Tolerated and you will be asked to leave the Pow-Wow. All Disissions by the Head Judge are FINAL!
       You must be a registered dancer
Dance registration is SATURDAY ONLY!
$5.00 Dance Registration Fee
Dance registration starts at 9am and closes 11am
All registered dancers (competing or not competing) will receive a
free meal bracelet good for Saturday night dinner only.